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PERU Decaf SWP (MAR 23)

PERU Decaf SWP (MAR 23)

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Manuka Honey, Milk Chocolate, Dried Fig


About this coffee

This Swiss Water Process decaf coffee comes from producers working in the northern regions of Amazonas and Cajamarca, Peru. The exporter of this coffee, Perunor, specializes in developing market access for smaller regional coffee producer associations. These smaller producer groups lack the financial, processing, logistical and commercial infrastructure to export coffee directly to international markets. Not only does Perunor help producer with market access, but they also help producers gain access to certifications that translate to around 15% higher revenues for farmers versus traditional commercial markets. Certified production also allows for less income volatility, more reliable trade channels and improved certainly to conduct farm-related investments.

Flavor Profile:

Our Swiss Water Process Peru is a delightfully sweet decaffeinated coffee. A true crowd pleaser, it expresses a vast array of sugary sweet tasting notes, a restrained acidity and a syrupy body. In its lighter iterations, we experienced notes of Manuka honey, stone fruit and praline coming from its pronounced body and slightly floral caramelized sweetness. At darker levels, we experienced notes of milk chocolate and dried fig. Across all roast levels, this coffee maintains a healthy level of sweetness and texture. This coffee is at its best as a sweet and creamy shot of espresso or as a chocolate and caramel forward batch brew.

Elevation: 1500-2200 MASL

Process : Washed

Cultivar : Bourbon, Caturra, Pache, Typica

Impact : Fair Trade, Organic

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