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Honduras- COMSA Women's Lot (Jun22)

Honduras- COMSA Women's Lot (Jun22)

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COMSA Women's Lot

Harvested (June 22)

Wildflower Honey, Tangerine, Milk Chocolate

About this coffee

The COMSA cooperative was founded in Marcala, La Paz in 2001 with just 60 producer-members and has grown to over 1,500. The cooperative is rooted in organic farm management practices, the empowerment of small farmers from the region and meticulous post-harvest standards of hand sorting cherry, cherry floating, proper fermentation and long drying times. Over the years, COMSA has significantly increased the participation of women within the organization, which has resulted in an active women’s group that processes their own community lots. This particular lot is a washed processed coffee, which comes from 15 farms owned by women member-producers.



This lot from COMSA was grown by all women producers and is Fair Trade Organic certified. COMSA is highly invested in social and environmental welfare, offering a wide-range of resources and training to producers on organic farming matters and also running an international school dedicated to training children to be future leaders in the community.



Flavor profile

This is our first time purchasing coffee from the COMSA group and we couldn’t pass it up after tasting samples earlier this year. The coffee from this group is very well-balanced, with a crisp acidity, syrupy body, and a deep sweetness throughout. On lighter roast styles we tasted notes of marzipan, vanilla, honey and caramel. When taken darker we tasted brown sugar, molasses, and cocoa nib.

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