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Konang Springs Natural (FEB 22)

Cherry, Maple, Merlot

About this coffee

This exceptional coffee is grown in the foothills of Mount Argopuro in the Situbondo Regency of the East Java Province of Java Island. The villagers who grow the coffee come from Tlogosari Village, and together form the Pokmas Walida Cooperative led by Pak Muhlisin. The cooperative partners with exporter, Belift Green Beans, to bring high-quality, transparent coffees like this one to new markets. This naturally processed coffee is painstakingly cared for in the extremely humid environment to ensure consistency and quality. This coffee was dried on raised beds for 15-16 days and stirred once every hour before being patio dried for an additional 8-10 days.


Most coffee farmers in Indonesia grow a very small amount of coffee alongside crops like tomatoes, chili peppers, and ginger. The combined remoteness of their farms and fragmented production system have made it very difficult to trace Indonesian coffee. The team at Belift, however, are working directly with the farming communities in Argopuro and Bondowoso and are hands-on with every step of production, from seed to processing to export.



Flavor profile 

The East Java Konang Spring Natural continues to be one of the most expressive and exciting coffees available in the Marketplace. This year's lot is very fruit-forward, bright, and syrupy with a clean finish. Lighter roast styles produce tart fruit notes like cherry, raspberry, and stone fruit, rounded out with notes of raw sugar, maple syrup and medjool date. This coffee retains some dried fruit character in darker roasts, but shifts towards deeper notes of wine, milk chocolate, burnt sugar, and nougat. Excellent as a bright and fruity pour-over, but we think this coffee really shines as a creamy espresso that tastes like chocolate covered raspberries.

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