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COSTA RICA-Guanacaste

COSTA RICA-Guanacaste

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Guanacaste (July 22)

Lemongrass, Honeycomb, Fudge

About this coffee

The Costa Rica Guanacaste is produced by smallholder farmers in the La Esperanza community of Los Santos de TarrazĂș region. The TarrazĂș region lies in the high mountains of the southern Pacific region south of Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose and is one of the most densely planted high altitude regions in Central America, with many farms at or above 2000 meters above sea level. The fertile, volcanic soils and rolling mountainsides of TarrazĂș are well-suited for agriculture. Smallholder producers grow bananas, avocado, and citrus as well as coffee on properties passed between generations. Coffee is a family affair in TarrazĂș, with everyone working to help pick and sort coffee during the harvest season and maintain the land during the year.

Elevation -1500 MASL


Cultivar- Catuai 




The Costa Rica Guanacaste is a delicious washed process coffee that has an excellent mouthfeel and acidity, coupled with an abundance of sweetness across all roast levels. Lighter roasts are bright and juicy with notes of wildflower honey, citrus fruit, nougat, and brown sugar. Darker roasts have a chewy mouthfeel and notes of fudge, chocolate covered cherry, merlot and toffee.


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Care Instructions

We recommend storing green coffee beans in a dark cooler at room temperature.

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