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Magia del Campo VLI (NOV 23)

This product features a unique combination of Meyer lemon, fruit leather, and creme brûlée flavors. 

About this coffee

Tolima, Colombia has been known more for violence in recent decades than specialty coffee. That narrative is changing with the dedicated work of producer groups like ASOPEP which has, against all odds, become one of the most professionalized cooperatives in the region offering consistent, world-class coffees year after year. Not content with just producing excellent coffee, ASOPEP is also a force for good in the region. This coffee was purchased using Verified Living Income benchmark which ensures that coffee producers were paid a fair, sustainable wage.



Through Tip the Farmer™, ASOPEP received $3,000 and utilized these funds to purchase Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare workers in their municipality and launched campaigns to help mitigate the risk of spread of COVID-19.




Flavor profile 

This spring arrival from the ASOPEP cooperative is in many ways very consistent with past lots. It has a crisp, but balanced acidity, a syrupy body, and lots of sweetness. Light and medium roast styles tasted of honey, stone fruit, caramel, toffee, and had delicate floral notes. Darker roasts of this coffee were very sweet and tasted like toasted marshmallow, brown sugar, fudge and almonds.  


Rising For People Coffee Colombia


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